eiTech (rhymes with “High Tech”) specialises in the engineering of Electronics & Information Technology systems, having both design and manufacturing capabilities and experience.

The full technology stack is covered, from bare-metal microcontroller programming to mobile and desktop applications and cloud-based web applications. Design and manufacturing of embedded hardware is also done in-house.

eiTech is the incorporated form of Dizzy, which has been trading since 2009.

Dane du Plooy

Dane du Plooy
Engineer & Director

Dane has been writing software for over 20 years, and can program in just about any language.
After reading “SAMS Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6” at age 13, he progressed to SQL and then more object-oriented programming in VB.NET before transitioning to C/C#/Java and adding other languages. Dane is a primary contributor of electronics articles for the Labcenter Electronics blog, writing on everything from communication protocols and SMT assembly to High-Speed Electronics Design and EMI.
When not working indoors then Dane loves camping out in remote wilderness areas.


2023 – eiTech

eiTech was registered in 2023, as the incorporated form of Dizzy.

2009 – Dizzy

Upon the tragic passing o f Corrie in 2009, Dane continued trading as Dizzy Enterprises; building on the distribution business of Isotronics as well as a portion of the medical equipment manufacture, and offering electronic and software engineering services.

1999 – Isotronics

Corrie du Plooy registered Isotronics in 1999, with a focus on the design and manufacture of medical equipment.
Dane du Plooy joined the business, gaining experience in all stages of the design and manufacturing process, and being particularly responsible for web development.

Corrie du Plooy